After school program
prompts middle
school play

by Ellen Shim

Staff Writer

Budding actors and artists abound at four area middle schools who will put on a play Tuesday night in a culmination of months of hard work preparing for the production during an after school program.

About 40 students from Forest Oak, Gaithersburg, Montgomery Village and Roberto Clemente middle schools will perform a play at Forest Oak Middle School that they have been working on as part of a program provided by GUIDE Program, Inc. a nonprofit organization that offers a variety of services to the region.

The after school program teaches
students how to be successful with
good habits and good relationship
skills among other things.

After homework time and other activities the students have been meeting with play director MoriEl Martien once a week since the fall to rehearse or work on art projects as the backstage crew for the play.

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Program teaches youth how to handle role model indiscretions

Prince George's Times

Oxon Hill, MD, September 15, 1998

Most role models who are also public figures, have managed to successfully provide a good example to the public and to our youth. However, it is the many who do not that seem to make the deepest impression. Imagine the bafflement of today's youth as they watch many public figures, (politicians, athletes, entertainers, etc.), who have attained all that the world says one can attain, only to watch those adults throw it all away due to a foolish choice or decision.

Songs with Meaning, Inc., a nonprofit organization based in Prince George's County, Maryland offers a solution to this dilemma through a newly developed program entitled "Feelings Come & Go"

One of the objectives of this program is to take its young participants to the root of the problem, by teaching how to develop the control and ability to think past ones feelings in order to make choices and decisions that can benefit both their lives, and others.

The program offers practical solutions that can help its participants to avoid repeating the blunders of so many of their role models, thus overcoming the common excuse, or justification "well if they did it..."

The program's suggested age range for participants is ten (10) years and older. To benefit parents and others, there is also an adult version of "Feelings Come and Go" is now available to schools, and to the general public.

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